Pastor Dwayne and Kitt Brewington invite you to participate in one of our dynamic meetings, conventions, or one of their speaking engagements located near you. We endeavor to keep you informed about all of our activities and events. These events will assist you in living a life of victory. There’s no experience like it because one word from God can change your life forever!



2013 Upcoming Events

Conference Dates
April - 14th | 17th | 21st
Healing Convention
June - 23rd | 26th | 30th
Faith Convention
Sept. - 15th | 18th | 22nd
Finance Convention
December - 1st | 4th | 8th
Marriage & Family Convention
Special Conferences/Seminars/Events:
June 7th  
Shake the Foundation Prayer Night
July 15 – 19th
Vacation Bible School
August 17 & 18th  
Ministry of Helps
August 25th
GCSM- Day/Pray for Children